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Have you ever used an interview journal? It is a concept you're familiar with? We love the idea of an interview journal, it just might be the perfect active job seeker tip!
How do you feel about competency-based questions? Are you familiar with the STAR technique? It's one you're likely to use without thinking BUT we hope this easy to follow blog will help alleviate some of those interview fears!
Did you know a well-prepare CV is often key to a successful job hunt! Does your CV do your capabilities justice? Find out here!
Interviews can be daunting for the most experienced of people, but the key to a good interview is preparation; download our interview tips here!
Following the bank holiday try and get back into a good bedtime routine as soon as possible and follow these top tips to help you get back into the swing of things… 1. Plan ahead / set your priorities – before the bank holidays, create a to-do list for the first day back at work. This will help you prioritize tasks and get started right away. 2. Get enough sleep: find the balance between rest and play, and ensure you get your bodies optimum hours of sleep (for most of us that’s between 7.5 – 8) the night before you are due back in the office.
82% of people do not have a dedicated time management system – are you one of them? (Source: Acuity Training: Time Management Stats & Facts 2022) Time management techniques are methods or strategies used to maximise productivity and achieve goals in an efficient and effective manner. There are many time management techniques at our disposal let’s look at Kameo’s top five!