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Are job boards dead? This blog post debunks the myth that job boards are dead and instead answers questions about the future of job boards and how they're evolving!
Counteroffers are typically made when an individual expresses their intention to leave their current position or when negotiating a business deal. There are a few reason counteroffers may be presented:
Over 98% of Fortune 500 companies us Applicant Tracking Software, truth is, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere we go including helping you find your next role! But, do you know how to optimise your CV for AI? No? You can find out how, right here!
Have you ever used an interview journal? It is a concept you're familiar with? We love the idea of an interview journal, it just might be the perfect active job seeker tip!
How do you feel about competency-based questions? Are you familiar with the STAR technique? It's one you're likely to use without thinking BUT we hope this easy to follow blog will help alleviate some of those interview fears!
Did you know a well-prepare CV is often key to a successful job hunt! Does your CV do your capabilities justice? Find out here!