Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse

The Link between Kameo and Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Education is Kameo Recruitment’s sister company. The foundation of Kameo Recruitment was built upon raising awareness of domestic abuse in the corporate space. In essence, without Kameo Recruitment, Domestic Abuse Education as we know it today would not exist. 

At the helm of both is our visionary founder, Sharon Livermore MBE, a domestic abuse survivor who uses her lived experience to raise awareness and educate on this pervasive issue.  Her dedication is not only a testament to resilience but a clarion call to action for businesses to confront this often overlooked subject. 

Domestic Abuse Education brings to light the truth: without awareness, empathy and shared responsibility, the journey towards a safer, more compassionate world remains incomplete.

“There are few people I’m willing to hold up as being a true inspiration to me and Sharon is certainly one of them. She is a genuine beacon of hope for all those who are victims or survivors of domestic abuse. We have worked with Sharon extensively in our organisation, helping to educate and inspire our people about taking action focused around this important issue. Beyond our business, Sharon played a key role in helping to inspire the global HR profession to stand shoulder to shoulder on this issue, as we created the first ever HR Charter against Domestic Abuse with EIDA, in partnership with CIRCAL.

If ever there was a reason to believe in hope, then Sharon is it. Thank you for all you do, it could go as far as saving lives.”

Bertie Tonks, Chief People Officer

Collinson Group

“Since joining EIDA and reaching out to Sharon, she has been incredibly supportive in helping Annapurna implement a policy for domestic abuse. Sharon delivered a company-wide education session that raised awareness amongst our team and taught us how to be more supportive as an employer. Since then we have adopted ‘Sharon’s policy’ and taken her advice on how to maintain a supportive working environment. Sharon is a knowledgeable and compassionate professional – her help even more valuable as a fellow recruiter.

Emma Duncan – HR Manager – Annapurna Recruitment”


“The Advanced Women’s Network were delighted to have Sharon join us for a special presentation on domestic abuse and how we can take steps to address this in the workplace. Sharon’s presentation was informative, thought-provoking and engaging from start to finish. The session was our best-attended meeting to date and we received numerous comments afterwards from employees explaining how valuable they found the session, particularly the practical tips on what to do if you think a colleague or friend is experiencing domestic abuse. Since Sharon’s talk we have made a start on implementing a domestic abuse policy which has been made much easier with the Sharon’s Policy resources.”

One Advanced

“Sharon presented on the topic of Domestic Abuse to our senior managerial staff in 2021. It was an illuminating session and the participants came away much better informed about the range of behaviours that could constitute abuse, how to recognise signs of abuse, and how to help victims of abuse both within the workplace and outside of it.

Sharon is a credible and engaging presenter with a clear commitment to the topic. Her knowledge and guidance was extremely valuable and as a result we have adopted ‘Sharon’s Policy’, as well as making her presentation available to all members of staff.”

Kings College