Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse

Welcome to the page on our website dedicated to helping employers better understand domestic abuse

We are committed to working with employers across the nation who are ready to acknowledge that domestic abuse is a workplace issue.  We do this virtually and in person, alongside the  Domestic Abuse Alliance and the Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA). Our presentations help businesses understand why domestic abuse needs to be spoken about at work; we offer businesses the knowledge to support victims and provide access to an abundance of tools, and best contacts to enable your business to create a safe space for victims and survivors.

The ownness is on all of us to create a deeper awareness of domestic abuse, build best practice guidelines, and utilise the tools available to us. We must step up to the plate and recognise that domestic abuse is all of our business, it is only then that the rate of victims and perpetrators will fall.

Why do we work with the DA Alliance and EIDA?

Sharon is an Ambassador for the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse and a Campaigner for the Domestic Abuse Alliance, Sharon works alongside both to create a positive impact, and end the perception and associated stigma that comes from the belief that – what happens in a marital home isn’t our business. Domestic abuse is everyone’s business.

Domestic Abuse Alliance

The Domestic Abuse Alliance is a lifeline for victims of domestic abuse; they bring together organisations working on the frontline of domestic abuse across the UK within the legal sector to deliver joined-up instant legal assistance and protection for victims.

You can join the domestic abuse alliance today and be part of the community helping to support the most vulnerable simply fill out the contact form here.

Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse

EIDA works with employers helping them to demonstrate their awareness of domestic abuse via toolkits, offering direct help and signposting. EIDA is dedicated to supporting employers who are taking action and making their staff aware of the services available to them. These things combined will help to reduce the wall of silence around domestic abuse that prevents many from seeking help.

Your business can become an EIDA member today, free of charge! To sign up, please click here.

Sharon's Policy

Sharon’s Policy was created by Kameo Director Sharon Livermore. As a survivor of domestic abuse, Sharon is all too familiar with the struggle she faced when trying to leave a former abusive relationship. Over the past six months, Sharon has been spearheading a national awareness campaign to get businesses to recognise the growing issues of domestic abuse.

Her policy is free and a great starting point for all businesses who want to take the first step in understanding what they can do within their business. It is made up of a formal policy and then guidance notes, which allow each business to decide what they can implement.

The policy calls for businesses to take up four key measures:

  • Recognise – implementation of a domestic abuse policy in the workplace to help employers spot the signs of abuse
  • Respond – training provision to ensure line managers are equipped to handle domestic abuse disclosures
  • Record – accurate recording of domestic abuse disclosures by the workforce
  • Refer – proactive signposting to specialist support services i.e. for legal, practical or emotional assistance

For further questions, to implement Sharon’s Policy, or to enquire about a presentation within your business, contact us.

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