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£70,000 + Benefits

Kameo Recruitment is delighted to be recruiting a Senior API Developer to join the development team within this global manufacturing company. This is a newly created position where you will...

£70,000 + Benefits

Kameo Recruitment has partnered with a global manufacturer who has an exciting new role to introduce an AWS DevOps Engineer to their infrastructure team. Not only will you have the...

£50,000 - £55,000

Kameo Recruitment has a fantastic opportunity for a Marketing Manager to join a leading provider of connectivity solutions in Cambridgeshire. As well as driving continued development and excellence across the...

Up to £25,000

Kameo Recruitment are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and hardworking Administrator to join an established law firm based in Cambridge. You will be supporting the private department with a variety...

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I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. Freddy has been a wonderful help throughout the process, with regular updates, support, and encouragement in droves.


Candidate - School Administrator

Claudine has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she has provided me with the relevant information, kept me up to date with everything that has been going on, and overall has been incredibly helpful. I have had the most stress free, organised and productive time of applying for a HR assistant role. Claudine is such a lovely, approachable and kind individual who completes her job to the highest standard.


Candidate - HR Assistant

Freddy was absolutely brilliant, very kind, attentive and informative.


Candidate - Administrator

I have nothing negative to say about Kameo Recruitment. I have been dealing with a few recruitment agencies recently and I can honestly say in comparison the contact, communication and assistance received from Kameo has been 100%.


Candidate - Office Coordinator

No improvement needed with Dan on your team! He was quick responsive and answered all query’s I had! Thanks Dan


Candidate - Project Manager

Claudine helped me through the whole process and gave me great advice for my interview. I can’t thank her enough, she actually cared and was so lovely about it all.


Candidate - Administrator

Dan was absolutely amazing!! Loved every step of the process! Very thankful for him and the company!


Candidate - Marketing Intern

Claudine provides exceptional service, we wouldn’t consider using anyone else to help us with our recruitment.

Customer Services Executive

Client - Manufacturing

Claudine was very supportive and friendly. She was very thorough in finding out about my skills and what I was looking for, which meant jobs she suggested for me were a good fit. Although, ultimately, I found a new job via a different route Kameo were a great agency to deal with.


Candidate - Senior Administrator / Office Manager

Alex has been brilliant. She has been very friendly and professional over the phone and they found me a job super quickly.


Candidate - Payroll Officer

I can’t rate them highly enough, they found me a job. Kyran was brilliant, he kept in contact with me the whole way through and after, one of the most caring firms I have dealt with. I love my job and can’t thank them enough. I even got some lovely cupcakes from them after I got my job 🙂


Candidate - Customer Service Administrator

My experience with Kameo has been amazing and felt like Claudine really understood what I wanted from a job as well as how important it is to me to have a good work life balance. The whole process has been seamless and incredibly quick with amazing support from Claudine.


Candidate - Office Manager

Sharon, Claudine and the team were excellent – I would thoroughly recommend them!

HR Manager

Client - IT / Software Industry

Kameo was extremely quick to help us with our candidate search. Their communication was clear and also very quick, they updated us every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone! Big thanks to Kyran and Sharon!

Finance Administrator

Client - Biotech Industry

Excellent service as expected. Claudine understood the brief and delivered. 10/10

Office Coordinator

Client - Telecoms Industry

Faultless, informative the best agency that I used! Very supportive and were responsible for me getting my perfect match job.


Candidate - Office Administrator

Sharon is an extraordinary recruiter who has had a profound impact on my journey. Her unwavering belief in my abilities has been incredibly motivating. Her meticulous preparation, exceptional communication, and friendly approach make working with her an absolute pleasure. What truly sets Sharon apart is her genuine interest in you as a person. So goes beyond the role of a recruiter, showing sincere care for your growth. Her constant support and enthusiasm are palpable, making me feel like she’s genuinely cheering for your success. She’s not just a recruiter; she’s a remarkable example for all recruiters to emulate.
Massive thanks to Sharon and the whole of the Kameo Recruitment team!



Candidate - Marketing Position

In my experience the service could not be improved: the response to my enquiry was very fast; the understanding of our company’s requirements was excellent; the quality of the CVs was what we required and suited the role’s brief.

Office Operations Manager

Client - Scientific Industry

Claudine has been an absolute pleasure to speak to. I have enjoyed her upbeat conversations, level of detail in spoken and written comms. She truly cares about both the companies she’s promoting and the candidate which creates a wonderful recruitment experience for all. Thank you so much you are the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with!


Candidate - HR Position

We were extremely impressed with Kameo Recruitment. They were professional, efficient and totally understood the type of candidate we were looking for. Their screening process was outstanding and only sent through CVs that were worthy of serious consideration. I would highly recommend Claudine and the team.

Business Administrator

Client - Scientific Industry

I have really enjoyed working with Dan on recruiting roles for us. He has been excellent at sharing great candidates who have all been great fits for the role. I also felt like I wasn’t inundated which is a positive thing and meant that Dan had already done the work to filter out any unsuitable candidates. Dan is always quick to respond and clear with communication.

Senior Project Manager

Client - Marketing Industry

Excellent service from Claude, great selection of candidates and supportive throughout the process.

HR Manager

Client - Engineering Industry

Kameo has been great, from initial contact, through the interview process to my landing the perfect role. I highly recommend Kameo for all your recruitment and career needs.


Candidate - Executive Assistant

Claudine took the time to get to know me, the business and the role before firing over any old CV. The communication was excellent from start to finish.

Finance Administrator

Client - Marketing Industry

The experience with Kameo was brilliant from the moment I contacted them regarding the job opening, to the information I received about my interview, and finally to receiving the job offer. The staff at Kameo are understanding and encouraging – they take the time to get to know candidates and clients, it is carefully considered recruitment!


Candidate - Membership & Engagement Manager

Claudine was absolutely wonderful and made the experience of finding jobs and attending interview way less daunting, she was always free to offer support or listen to any worries i had. She got feedback from my interviews promptly which helped put me at ease throughout the process. A generally lovely person who has made what can be a scary process rather enjoyable.


Candidate - Customer Service

Dan is super proactive and very good at communicating. The recruitment process for this position was filled quickly and efficiently, and we are very pleased with the service received as well as our future employee! It’s also really nice to have little added extra from the Cameo team like the pen, post its and car air freshener (proudly hanging in the company car)

Account Manager

Client - Marketing Industry

We have used Kameo recruitment on many occasions for a range of positions and they have been able to place some fantastic people with us. We will continue to use Kameo for future recruitment

HR Manager

Client - Health Services Industry

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Latest News

Welcome to the Workforce of Tomorrow: 2024’s Quirky Job Titles Shake Up the Status Quo!”

Let’s get stuck in, because in the blink of an eye, job titles are about to evolve massively. With each passing year, it feels like we’re in a constant game of catch-up with the latest tech trends. So, it shouldn’t come as a shocker that many of the job titles popping up in 2024 belong to the tech sector.

From AI and sustainability to remote work, here’s a glimpse into the 2024 job scene and beyond…

  1. AI Ethicist

AI is everywhere, right? But who’s keeping it in check? That’s where the AI Ethics Consultants come in. They’re like the guardians of the digital realm, making sure our AI pals behave themselves. From tackling bias to guarding our privacy, these folks are the unsung heroes of the tech world, ensuring a smoother ride through the wild west of artificial intelligence.

Want to become one? Find out how here.

  1. Renewable Energy Analyst

I delved into LinkedIn to gauge the pulse of renewable energy analyst roles in the UK. And there were a whopping 225 listings for renewable energy roles! Impressive, right? But then, just for kicks, I decided to peek at marketing analyst positions, and guess what, a mere 136 listings!! But honestly, everyone is trying to do their bit so is it really that surprising to discover that the green revolution is outpacing the marketing mavens?

In the ongoing effort to combat climate change, Renewable Energy Analysts play a vital role in promoting sustainability. With their expertise and analytical skills, they assess the efficiency of renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. Their work involves designing energy models to ensure a greener future for our buildings and communities.

Fancy taking on the challenge? Take a sneaky peek at the list of questions you might be asked at interview!

  1. Cybersecurity Incident Responder

The numbers don’t lie – cyber-attacks surged by 125% globally in 2021 compared to 2020, and the trend continued into 2022, posing an ongoing threat to businesses and individuals. (source.)

Have you ever wondered who the digital superheroes are, tirelessly guarding our virtual fortresses from cyber threats? Meet the Cybersecurity Incident Responders! They are our tech-savvy heroes who stop cybercriminals by detecting, mitigating, and recovering from security breaches at lightning speed. Armed with expertise in threat analysis, digital forensics, and crisis management, they’re the digital-first responders we all need. Also, fun fact, did you know there is a job title in this sector called Penetration Tester?

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Developer

Augmented Reality is on the rise and likely to turn industries upside down (in a good way). These digital enthusiasts perfectly blend pixels and reality, creating experiences that’ll leave us questioning what’s real and what’s just a fantastic AR illusion. This job is on the rise so let’s get ready to step into a world where the line between the digital and physical blurs into one.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Designer

As VR tech keeps pushing boundaries, the hunger for digital thrills only grows. That’s where Virtual Reality Experience Designers swoop in, crafting mind-blowing VR realms for everything from gaming and entertainment to educational and training purposes. So, whether you’re battling virtual dragons or mastering new skills in a digital classroom, these designers are the experts behind the scenes!

Did you ever wonder how much AR/VR is shaking up our world? If not, now’s the perfect time to dive in and discover the magic! By 2024, global spending on these mind-bending technologies is set to skyrocket – six times more than what we saw in 2023! So, grab your virtual goggles and get ready for an adventure because the future of reality is looking brighter and more immersive than ever! (source).

  1. Chief Resilience officer

Chief what? Around for about five years now, but with recent external pressures, businesses are feeling the heat. Say hello to the Chief Resilience Officer! These officers are like the steady hands guiding companies through uncertain times.

If the past four years have taught us anything it’s that uncertainty is the new normal and to survive you must have resilience. A Chief Resilience Officer crafts strategies tackling everything from pandemics to economic turbulence.

Fancy joining the other 419,000 people (thank you, LinkedIn) in the resilience revolution?

There we have it, our top five (.1) emerging job titles in 2024! Some may surprise you, others we’re sure won’t. Whichever camp you’re in it’s fair to say that 2024 is poised to witness the emergence of diverse and dynamic roles that reflect the growth of technology, sustainability, and social responsibility. As professionals adapt to these evolving demands, they will play a vital role in shaping a future where innovation and progress go hand in hand with ethics and sustainability.

Did you like this? Read more from Kameo here. 


Yes! You’ve accepted the job….

but now you have to navigate through the counteroffer too. Navigating through a counteroffer situation can be crucial in your career journey. Whether it’s due to market dynamics or your unique value proposition, knowing how to handle it with grace and clarity is essential.

Here’s a simple three-step guide to help you through…


Express sincere gratitude, emphasising the value you place on the offer. Politely request a bit of time for thoughtful consideration, underlining your commitment to making a well-informed decision that aligns seamlessly with your aspirations. This moment deserves the careful consideration it warrants.


Your boss is extending a counteroffer for a reason. Perhaps it’s a testament to your indispensable role within the team or a recognition of the costly and time-consuming process of finding a replacement. These considerations highlight your value and the investment your company has in retaining you.

However, statistics paint a cautionary tale: while half of employees accept counteroffers, a staggering 80% of them depart within six months, with 90% leaving within a year. This begs the question: is monetary gain truly the root cause of your desire to leave?

Should You Accept?

Before hastily accepting, introspection is key. What is driving your decision to leave? Is it solely financial, prompting a conversation with your boss about remuneration before resigning? Or does it stem from a deeper desire for career advancement, a shift in industry, or a misalignment of values with the company culture? If any of these resonate with your motivations, a counteroffer may only serve as a temporary fix to deeper issues.

Consider, too, the lasting impact on your relationship with your boss. Once you’ve submitted your resignation, trust dynamics shift irreversibly. Doubts about your loyalty linger, casting a shadow over future interactions. In addition, accepting a counteroffer may inadvertently jeopardise your job security. By entertaining the idea of leaving, you inadvertently raise questions about your allegiance, potentially leaving you vulnerable in times of company restructure or redundancy.

In the face of a counteroffer, it’s imperative to weigh not just the immediate gains but also the long-term implications for your career trajectory and overall satisfaction.

  • How do you want to communicate your decision to your employer? Think about how you would be most comfortable doing this, e.g., in person or by phone etc.
  • Express gratitude for the offer
  • Clearly state your decision
  • Give clear reasons for why you are accepting or declining
  • You could provide a referral if you know of someone else looking for a job who you think could suit the role
  • Finish on a positive note, express what aspects of the job you liked, and perhaps express a wish to keep in touch

In conclusion, navigating a counteroffer after accepting a job offer requires careful consideration and strategic decision-making. While it may be tempting to simply accept a higher salary or better benefits, it’s essential to assess the long-term implications and the overall fit with your career goals and values. Open communication with both your current employer and the prospective employer is key, as is maintaining professionalism and transparency throughout the process. By approaching the situation thoughtfully and respectfully, you can ensure a positive outcome that aligns with your professional aspirations and enhances your career trajectory.

Read more from Kameo here. 


Changes to the Flexible Working Act you need to be aware of…

According to Timewise research, 49% of employees plan to utilise the new flexible working option from day one of its implementation. So, what are those changes, and how can you be prepared?

  1. Employees will have the right to request flexible working arrangements from day one of employment.
  2. Employers must respond to requests within two months, the current response time is three months.
  3. An employee can make two requests within a 12-month period. Under current law, it’s one.
  4. Employers must consult with their employees before a flexible working request can be turned down.
  5. Employees are no longer required to lay out how a flexible working request might impact the employer.

The upcoming changes to the Flexible Working Act signify a shift in employment legislation and further reinforce the importance of encouraging a good work/life balance. Will these changes open new possibilities for employers and employees as the UK enters into yet another new era of flexibility at work?

Imposed changes to the Flexible Working Act are sure to revolutionise workplace norms (again!) by granting employees the right to request flexible arrangements from day one, a stark departure from the previous 26-week wait. Is this recognising the evolving needs of today’s workforce? Does it foster a more inclusive workplace? Will this move boost work-life balance and job satisfaction right from the start? Employers who feel like they have just got their heads around their current flexible working policies will find themselves having to rethink and embrace the 2024 legislation.

Our top tips on how you can prepare to re-shape your approach to flexible working

  1. Review and update policies
  2. Communicate upcoming changes to employees, department heads/team leaders etc
  3. Develop clear performance metrics and goals for employees working under flexible arrangements
  4. Monitor and review

Short & sweet but we now hope you feel empowered, knowing you’re equipped to navigate upcoming legal changes with confidence.

Read more from the Kameo news page here. 

Click here to find out what the Government have to say on the matter.

Changes to the flexibility act

How to Negotiate a Job Offer

In our article “How to Evaluate a Job Offer Package” we grazed the surface of job offer negotiation; now, buckle up for an in-depth exploration.

Okay, so you’ve received the job offer – yay! But the journey is far from over. It’s time to step onto the negotiation battlefield. Trust us when we say your future self will thank you for it. Plus, if you team up with a tried and tested agency like Kameo, they’ll handle a significant chunk of the negotiation heavy lifting for you. Ready to secure the terms you deserve? Let’s make it happen.


 We touched on this last week, but research is imperative. What is the average salary for your role in your location? What are your skills, experience, and what value are you bringing to the table? Armed with this information, you’ll be better equipped to justify your desired remuneration.

Why does it matter? With this insight, you become a savvy negotiator – not just tossing out a number and crossing your fingers, but strategically justifying your desired remuneration. It’s not just about strengthening your bargaining power; it’s about declaring to your future employer that you’re a professional who knows their value and is geared to deliver undeniable excellence to the organisation. So, dive into your research – because in the negotiation arena, knowledge isn’t just power; it’s your secret weapon.

Those who can negotiate salary see a rise of over 7%! (The Muse, April 2023)

#Two – Timing is Key

 Timing is crucial in negotiation. Express your job enthusiasm and gratitude upfront. Hold off on remuneration talks, letting the employer take the lead. This positions you as a team player prioritising fit before specifics.

Anchor high, then justify. Open with a figure slightly above your target using the psychological tactic of anchoring. Back it up with concrete examples of your achievements and unique value. This paves the way for a more favourable package… leading us nicely into…

#Three – Consider the Entire Package:

Look beyond the digits you’ve been offered. Dive into the realm of benefits, bonuses, stock options, and enticing perks. When the salary door seems a bit stubborn, venture into other avenues for improvement. A comprehensive package, laden with extras, frequently outshines a standalone higher salary, it’s not just about the salary; it’s about crafting a well-rounded job offer.

Things to consider:

  1. Annual leave – what’s the scoop on annual leave, does it rise with years of service?
  2. Do you get private medical or dental care? Are your family included too?
  3. Are there share options or bonuses you cannot refuse?
  4. Are they an investor in people? E.g., do you have an allowance for professional development?
  5. Is there an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?
  6. Is the pension statutory or enhanced?
  7. Other company perks – e.g., sabbaticals, gym members, well-being days and so on…

 #Four: Be Prepared to Compromise:

Compromise is a powerful tool at the table of negotiation. Embrace compromise and delve into the employer’s viewpoint. Should they struggle to meet your salary expectations, pivot strategically. Explore alternative avenues like performance reviews, creating pathways for potential salary boosts or additional perks down the line. It’s not just about getting what you want; it’s about forging a dynamic agreement that fuels your growth and prosperity with your future employer.

#Five: Maintain Professionalism:

Never lose your professionalism throughout the negotiation process, no matter the outcome.

Your goal should be to continue building a positive working relationship, and your negotiation conduct broadcasts volumes about your communication finesse and emotional intelligence. It’s not a suggestion; it’s imperative if you want to secure negotiation success.

Negotiation is a mix of nuts, bolts, and a dash of thrill. Consider strategic prowess and sharp communication your golden tickets! And, just in case you’re craving more wisdom, see below for our parting gift – you’re welcome!

 According to Psychology Today, if you’re aiming for a negotiation triumph, make it a Thursday. Why? Because, apparently, we’re all primed for compromise as the weekend vibes start kicking in. So, next time you’re cutting a deal, just remember, Thursdays are not just for throwbacks; they’re for throwing in a bit of negotiation magic! Happy wheelin’ and dealin’!

Are you ready to elevate your job search journey? Connect with our dedicated team today, they can’t wait to empower you through every stage of the process. Your success is our commitment. Start the next chapter of your career by clicking here.