Mission & Values

Our Mission


First and foremost, we are recruitment consultants who aim to erase the stress of recruitment and help people find their potential. We were established to change lives, not just careers; initially set up as a foundation to raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst the commercial space. Partnering predominately with SMEs across East Anglia and London there is no recruitment project too challenging for Kameo! There is no I in team and our collaborative attitude and our consultative approach ensures we can always find a solution to suit your needs and work hard to forge relationships that last.

We are unique to the industry and proud of it too; when you partner with Kameo you become part of our story and we’ll never not be grateful for the relationships we build with you.

To build genuine, long lasting relationships to help people reach their potential.

The Values We Live By

Empowerment: We inspire and empower those around us, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to determine you own future.

Collaboration: Collaboration helps us reach our goals, whilst boosting productivity. For our clients and candidates this means you’re on the receiving end of an efficient process and clear communication throughout.

Passion: Our passion takes us from good to great. We are dedicated to the role we play at Kameo – the benefit to our clients and candidates? We are a team who strive for excellence and are unphased by “bumps” in the road.

Integrity: We are ethical, honest and take responsibility for our actions.

Excellence:  You can depend on us to deal with any change, challenge or uncertainty you may encounter because we deliver the best service possible 100% of the time.