Our first ‘Meet the Team’ of the year saw us find out some interesting facts about one of our newest Recruitment Consultants, Matt!

Having joined Kameo in January, Matt is already making his mark in the world of recruitment, but we wanted to delve deeper, and these are the questions we wanted answers to…

  1. A recent shower thought you had? If I’m completely honest it was “why haven’t I put a lock on the bathroom door yet” whilst being disturbed by my kids.
  2. What makes you a good employee? I’m a real “get things done” kind of person, with the methodical approach to tasks and challenges. I’ve always been told I am approachable and a real people’s person,  so I’m happy to be in a role now where I can help people achieve their career goals.
  3. If you could “Freaky Friday” with somebody who would it be? Sir Alex Ferguson; such an idol of mine…a few bottles of red discussing people management would be ideal for me!
  4. A random fact you love? Exaggerations went up by a million percent last year!
  5. One thing you’ll never do again? Try to breakdance whilst drunk… or sober!! Consequences of this resulted in a broken collar bone.

To find out more about Matt’s breakdancing abilities, give him a call! ☎️ 01223 608246



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