In light of how rapidly Kameo is growing at the moment, we wanted to introduce a “meet the team” series, where you will get to find out a little about each member of Team Kameo!

Beyond our day jobs and all the fun things you’ll find out from our website, you can now find out a few random facts you probably didn’t even realise you wanted to know!

Starting off with Dan, the newest Kameo recruit…

  1. A life goal of yours? Win the lottery!
  2. One thing you’ll never do again? Back to back suicide tequilas
  3. What do you take pride in? Doing the best I can no matter the task ahead
  4. What makes you a good employee? I always strive to maximise the company’s potential, as well as my own, as these go hand in hand: if I succeed, the company succeeds, and vice versa
  5. Favourite character in a film or TV series? Either Dan Levy in Schitt’s Creek, or Adam Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you want to find out what suicide tequilas are, or steal a share of Dan’s lottery winnings, give him a call!

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