We knew Daiane would provide some brilliant answers to this month’s “meet the team” questions! Have a read below; some of these are bound to make you smile 😊

  1. If you could Freaky Friday with somebody, who would it be? Oprah, obviously
  2. Do you have any unusual skills? While I don’t think this is unusual, I have been reminded that I am good at extracting personal information from whomever I am talking to
  3. A life goal of yours? I want to own a house that has an orangery
  4. Give us some travel tips for somewhere we want to go? (India!) A wise, Indian friend once told me that India is an attack on all your senses. I thought it was the most fantastic, vibrant, and spiritual place and that her summary was absolutely correct
  5. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received? Many moons ago (when I was around 16/17), I was on the train back from London and found a mobile phone between the seats. I kept calling “home” and “mum” and “mum” finally picked up. I explained the situation and she rocked up to my house two hours later, full of praise and thanks before thrusting not one but two paper pads, clearly taken from her place of work, into my hands. I looked a bit puzzled, and she explained it was her way of thanking me. Two paper pads. Still baffled, I said thank you very much, closed the door and just laughed. I mean, it’s the thought that counts but if you know me, I’m pretty paperless haha

Keen to find out some more fun facts and stories about Daiane? Give her a call! 📞

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