This month’s “meet the team” series saw us get close and personal with Claudine!

Claudine has been with Kameo for nearly a year now as our highly accomplished Commercial Recruitment Manager, but we wanted to find out a few lesser-known facts about her, and a few of her answers made us laugh out loud!

  1. Never have I ever… cried wolf and called in sick to work for a bed day!
  2. What’s a recent shower thought you had? Half an inch doesn’t seem like much until you sit down on the toilet with the seat up! Also, I’m so glad my kids have grown up and I can now take a shower in peace… now I just have to contend with the kitten!
  3. What’s the most bizarre interview feedback you’ve received, and did they get the job? At the start of my recruitment career a client commented on a candidate of mine not wearing a tie for an interview and therefore didn’t want to progress to the next stage.
  4. What’s your most controversial opinion? Chocolate should always be kept in the fridge.
  5. And lastly, tell us an overshare? Anyone who knows me knows that I love talking to people and building strong relationships (business and personal) but always appreciate that there is a line in business you never cross. So, I was mortified when a few years ago I was doing some sales and gained a fantastic rapport with a lovely client. As usual I became very enthusiastic and passionate about the opportunity and about how well the call was going that when it came to closing the call I ended it with “thanks so much for your time, I’m excited to support you in this recruitment campaign, speak soon, LOVE YOU” … and hung up the phone! LOVE YOU!? It just slipped out! I was so mortified, not to mention the laughingstock of my colleagues. I called her back and apologised; she was still laughing, and I’m pleased to say she is still a client of mine now!

If you’re keen to debate Claudine’s incredibly controversial opinion with her, give her a call!

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