The passion behind the brand….

They’re a funny thing aren’t they, brand names? We see them everywhere we got but how often do we stop to question where they came from 

For a small business such as Kameo, brand is everything, and as we head towards our second birthday, we thought it was to share our brand name story…. 📖

Kameo is memorable, catchy and meaningful inspired by Sharon Livermore’s children Jaimee, Kyran and Leo. They say when you become a parent you make the decision to forever wear your heart on the outside your body. For Sharon establishing Kameo Recruitment Ltd was very similar, Kameo is a business whose foundation was built upon injecting change and making a real difference to the lives of many across Cambridgeshire, Kameo was her opportunity to continue wearing her heart outside her body. An opportunity to tell her story, create impact, passionately recruit and strive toward a fairly run and above all else fun business; not too dissimilar to the way she raised her children 👪 🌟

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