It may feel like climbing Mount Everest when beginning the job search but see your recruitment consultant as a climbing buddy. They’ll lead the way, carry your bags for you and maybe even give you a piggyback. 😊 If you have never worked with a recruitment consultant before, or you just aren’t having any luck with your job search… Give this a read and see how we can help with the process.

Initial chat

The initial chat is a place where you can get to know your consultant and how you can work together. Maybe you have applied for a job, or have reached out, but now is the time to get super clear on what you really want!

They will ask you lots of questions about the role you are looking for, your experience, who you are as a person, the lot (see it as your first date with your future life-long recruitment partner.)

Remember the more they know about you, the better they can work their recruitment magic!

Finding you a role

So, your consultant has found a potential match. They will talk you through the role and then send over the job description. I would suggest making a list of questions to ask them; they will know the job role inside and out, so this is the perfect way to see if it is for you.

If you aren’t sure or it’s not for you (hopefully, this wouldn’t happen) be sure to communicate this with your consultant. That way they can put more time and energy into finding something for you, rather than wasting time on something that isn’t!

But… if the recruitment cupid has landed their arrow… Don’t hang about!

CV’s tips

Before you consultant puts across your CV, they can give you lots of tips and guidance to ensure you CV is looking as on point as possible. Let’s secure that interview. 👌

Interview prep and debrief

You made it! To the part people dread most… The interview stage. But fear not, interviews do not have to be a nerve-wracking experience, after all you’ve got a consultant who knows their client inside and out, this should be a breeze!

Your consultant will ensure you have all the information you need, send over some interview tips and can even do some mock interview practice with you. Again, I would suggest making a list of questions to ask your consultant, this will all ensure you go into your interview feeling prepared and confident.

After your interview, they will give you a call (probably whilst you are still in the car park) to see how you got on.

You got the job!

So, amongst the excited squeals down the phone, you just about make out that you have received a job offer! Your consultant will send through your official offer letter, support you handing your notice in, and once the paperwork is done, it’s time to celebrate 🎉

Ongoing Support

Your consultant will check in with you throughout the entire process, remember, they are only at the other end of the phone. Our consultants will even come and visit you once you have started in your role to see how it’s all going.


So, it’s mission complete for now! When you are ready for the next move, you know who to call. 😊

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