How often do we pass a homeless person on the street and not think twice?

Do we ever pause to consider when the last time they received a hot meal, warm beverage or bubble bath might have been?

The long-term average temperate of a U.K winter sits at a very chilly 4.7 °C, very cold to be outside for any length of time don’t you think?! Yet this is the reality for 247,000 people, including 126,000 children in England right now.

This past weekend two of our team, Sharon, and Claudine, braved the zero-degree chill; to raise money for Winter Comfort, and the Cambridge United Community Trust, they were joined by heroic employees from across the city each of whom have collectively helped to raise an astonishing £29,000!

Sharon and Claudine said, “it was a real eye-opener and a humbling experience”, both were incredibly grateful to sleep in the warmth on Saturday night, sadly, thousands do not have this option. If you’re reading this and want to make a difference to the lives of the homeless or vulnerable today, there is still time to donate here:

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