The headstrong, lively Aries will keep you on your toes. If you have one in your office, you’ll know it!

Aries Boss ♈

This natural leader is full of energy and confidence; the most enthusiastic sign, always eager to get stuck right in, multitasking, and juggling various tasks at any given time. Because of this, your Aries Boss may also expect this same level of work from you, which could be problematic for anyone who doesn’t have the energy of an Aries! But as long as your Aries Boss can see that you are busy, hopefully this is enough to keep them happy. Their multitasking nature transpires to outside the workplace too, so you won’t be surprised when you come in on a Monday morning to have your boss tell you about their jampacked weekend full of social events, dance classes, skydiving… absolutely anything! However, the excitement they feel for trying something new means they might get bored easily and only ever try something once, rarely sticking at a new hobby or project. If an Aries has an opinion, they will argue it down to the ground, so if you don’t feel like getting into a debate (that you probably won’t win), then be sure not to bring up a controversial topic. The ego of the Aries is surprisingly fragile, which can come out as anger, so to stay on their good side it would be wise not to wind up your Aries Boss, as they can be known to have a quick temper. Your Aries Boss loves a party, and these events are memorable and full of entertainment. All in all, your Aries Boss is fun, and always busy, but may be quick to anger if you don’t keep up with expectations!

Aries Employee

Much like the Aries Boss, the Aries Employee likes to be in the thick of the action; they love to be busy and can’t sit still so will always be looking for new tasks to take on to add to their workload. This makes them a great employee in many respects, as you’ll never find someone so ready and eager to take on a project! They’re undeniably dynamic, and speedy with their work. From the perspective of the Boss, the Aries is the ideal employee, however, the colleagues of the Aries may disagree, as they might feel the Aries is stepping on their toes, and not sticking to their own lane. It may sometimes feel like the Aries is trying to take your job, but this comes merely from a place of them wanting to be busy, with no malicious intent. The Aries gets restless, so needs to be challenged or they’ll get bored, and once they start getting bored, they won’t put in the effort, and you will get a lot less productivity out of them. They are independent so love to be given an element of freedom and decision-making in what they do. They are the most likely sign to put in extra hours of work, without expecting much in return. They hate to be told what to do, especially by people who they don’t consider to be in a position of authority, and they don’t take kindly to criticism, even if constructive. Be sure not to hurt their ego, and remember that the best way to motivate an Aries is by giving them proper recognition for all accomplishments.

Aries Traits

🟣 Ambitious

🟣 Creative

🟣 Energetic

🟣 Spontaneous

🟣 Impulsive

🟣 Demanding


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