The unpredictable and unconventional Aquarius is certainly a fun sign! But how do they measure up in a place of work? If you’re looking for imagination, look no further… ♒

The Aquarius Boss:

The open-minded and rebellious sign! The Aquarius is ready to try anything and is naturally creative and innovative. They love to be modern and will always be up to date with the latest fads and developments. The Aquarians are advocates of promoting good deeds, so you might find that your Aquarius Boss will be constantly looking to do voluntary work and will sign you up too! They aren’t rule-followers; they like to mix up the work schedule by working to their own hours, and doing work that interests them, as opposed to the mundane. The Aquarius will be a fun boss, but may not have the authority, as they don’t enjoy disciplining or making demands of others. They can be eccentric and quirky, impatient, and headstrong. They are unpredictable and ever-changing. One thing’s for sure, if your boss is an Aquarius, your workplace is full of fun, and no two days are ever the same! Just make sure you’re flexible enough to work around their spontaneity…

The Aquarius Employee:

Your Aquarius employee has a curious mind. They love the abstract and are brilliant at coming up with new and exciting ideas. They are attracted to new technology, so if you’re looking for technological advancement, get your Aquarius on the case! They always aim to stand out from the crowd and are always ready to question convention. As true visionaries, aquarians are constantly aiming to make the world a better place, whether it’s through charity or through simple positivity. The brilliant mind of the Aquarius will surely come in useful in your place of work. However, try to utilise them for new ideas and innovation, as this is where they thrive, and their impulsive nature can sometimes be dangerous in areas of work that require more reliability and consistency!

Aquarius traits:

🔷 Optimistic

🔶 Eccentric

🔷 Altruistic

🔶 Free-spirited

🔷 Stubborn

🔶 Progressive

🔷 Unpredictable


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