It’s time to give the hardworking Capricorns the recognition they deserve! 👏

The Capricorn Boss

If you are lucky enough to have a Capricorn Boss, you will be under the leadership of a highly ambitious professional. Capricorns are resilient hard workers who take the slow but steady approach to success but won’t stop until they get to the top! To get on the good side of your Capricorn Boss, you will benefit from bringing determination and persistence. But be sure to not get in the way of their journey to success, as this something they won’t forgive! If you are given a task to complete by your Capricorn Boss, ensure it is complete, and take pride and ownership over it, prioritising it until completion. The Capricorn Boss does have a tendency to be controlling, so you might have to remind your boss to delegate tasks to you, as they like to do everything themselves, so you may have to prove that you are capable of taking on tasks in order to be given more responsibilities. Your Capricorn Boss is naturally reserved and may come across as cautious and distant. They love conventions and security and aren’t ones for taking risks. If you want to persuade them to make a change in the workplace, best be prepared to come with a stack of evidence in its favour!

The Capricorn Employee

No one has more drive or ambition than your Capricorn Employee. They love a challenge and are motivated by status. Their approach to success is to take one step at a time, but with an unrivalled perseverance that will make them an employee you want on your team! When handed a task to complete, this will receive the Capricorn’s undivided attention, and they won’t rest until they’ve seen it through. Their organisational skills are unmatched, and they are incredibly down-to-earth, with a high respect for authority. They may not be the most creative or innovative of the signs, but they will get you results by following tried and tested methods. The Capricorn will be an asset to any team with their strong work ethic and ambitious motivators.

Our Capricorn… Claudine!

We’re celebrating Capricorn Claudine this December! She’s a stickler for the rules, loves a process, and you can always trust in her to see something through to the end however long the task may seem. Claudine is an asset to our team, and we’d all laugh a lot less without her!


🔷 Responsible

🔶 Practical

🔷 Ambitious

🔶 Realistic

🔷 Disciplined

🔶 Organised

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