It might be cold outside, but you can trust the Sagittarius in your life to look on the bright side of life….❄️ 🌞

The Sagittarius Employee

Is there a Sagittarius in your office? According to “Zodiac Enthusiasts” there should be! Sagittarius is hardworking and rarely grumbles. They love to hone their skills and strive to be the best version of themselves, sounds like the winning employee formula, right?

Does your team need a morale boost? Hire a Sagittarius! They are brimming with goodness and cannot wait to become the spirit of work for other colleagues.

Desperate to wash away the Monday blues? The Sagittarius in your team will bring joy to your Monday with their infectious smile. They are known to create a lighter, happier and, by default, more productive working environment!

For those of you with a Sagittarian in your office are you currently thinking: “sure the above sounds great, but they’re also quite out-spoken, right?” Indeed, they are, the Sagittarius employee beside you is recognised as out-spoken, innately honest, and a lover of blurting out the truth without hesitation – eek!

The Sagittarius Boss

Your Sagittarius boss is great fun to work for, don’t worry if you don’t like them right now, because they’ll grow on you 😉 Do not be disheartened by their egotism and independence, they are kind-hearted and need you more than you know! Casually cool but also a deep and logical thinker; you may ponder some of their ideas but there is method to the madness, so trust in the process. Stay loyal, and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Tactful and foolish: the life and soul at the Christmas party. Working for a Sagittarian will never be boring, and you’ll always have a great story to tell over the dinner table!

Our Sagittarius, Lucy

Kameo is lucky enough to have their very own Sagittarius, Lucy, and true to her sign she is fun-loving and open-hearted. Lucy can turn her hand to more than one task at any one time. She is an excellent problem solver, creative, open-minded, and generous! She will always make the best of a situation and is literally the backbone of the Kameo Team helping us all to move forward! 🏹


🔹 Energetic

🔸 Upbeat

🔹 Intelligent

🔸 Open-hearted

🔹 Lucky



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