Happy Birthday, Leo!♌

We’re going to start having a little bit of fun with horoscopes here at Kameo, beginning with Leo!

If you’re a horoscope believer and want to see what the stars have in store for you, or your Leo colleagues this month, please read on….


As with any astrological sign, there are both positive and negative traits associated with Leos. These may become apparent in the workplace when different personalities collaborate. Known for being dramatic and dominant, Leos can make excellent bosses, and at their best, they thrive surrounded by obedient and enthusiastic employees. They love a compliment and in return, they will fuel you with motivation.


A Leo loves to be in the spotlight, and they’ll perform best when their achievements are appreciated! You can count on your Leo employee to be career-focused and naturally charismatic, always striving to be the best. Whilst a Leo might be perceived as vain and attention-seeking their strong sense of responsibility will serve your workplace well. You can always count on a Leo to take charge and delegate. A Leo is a good advice giver, resourceful, fearless, and with a large warm heart, they make a great asset to your team!

👀 Can you spot any of these traits in your Leo boss or colleague?!

♌ Strengths: authoritative, visionary, self-confident, competitive, enthusiastic

♌ Weaknesses: egoistic, self-serving, overbearing

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