The sensitive, creative sign; always empathetic, and never boring. But what about Pisces in the workplace? Have a read to see if you recognise any of these traits in your Piscean boss or colleagues…

Pisces Boss

There’s no boss more creative than the Pisces. Money is not their motivator; they’re motivated by opportunity to let their creative juices flow. Often independent workers, they want the freedom to create whatever and however they choose. So, if your Boss is a Pisces, chances are you work in a creative industry where self-expression is encouraged. They choose imagination over logic every time, so may sometimes overlook the necessary yet more mundane tasks. Pisces is the most empathetic and perceptive of the signs, so even though they tend to run away with their imagination, they are nonetheless highly in touch with those around them and are very sensitive to how others are feeling. They will often be found doing charitable work, as well as constantly aiming to ensure the happiness of their employees.

Pisces Employee

As imaginative as the Piscean Boss, the Piscean Employee will pursue the artistic and creative. Their abstract point of view means they’re unlikely to conform to convention, and they are happiest when working alone. The Piscean employee is motivated more by a good working atmosphere than they are by money, so if they choose to leave it’s likely that they do not get on with their colleagues, as they are happiest and most productive when they are in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. They are not competitive, and will be put off by a competitive environment, or any environment dominated by stress. They are often introverted, yet supportive and incredibly compassionate; they will never be happy if those around them are not.

The Traits of the Pisces

🟢 Sensitive

🟡 Empathetic

🟢 Imaginative

🟡 Reserved

🟢 Generous


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