Too soon to mention the “C” word? Perhaps for some, but let’s not pretend you haven’t considered how you’re going to treat your incredible employees this winter! After all, despite a slightly chirpier year than 2020, 2021 has been no easy ride for any of us. With that in mind this month’s “How to with Kameo…” will explore spoiling the people in your office on a budget this Christmas 😊

Set up a Games Room….

…. Or space in your office! You may not have all staff in the office, but if you’re one of the many businesses that has recently adopted hybrid working then a wonderful way to get people talking, laughing, and enjoying the joy the season has to offer could be through creating a games space for the whole team to enjoy! A place they can kick back and relax during their lunch break and switch off from the daily grind… it may even encourage a few people back into the workplace 😉 Take the concept “games room” and dress it up however you see fit, you know the people in your office better than we do! To us, it would be a cosy corner in our office with a small stack of board games including twister, articulate, battleship, monopoly, scrabble and probably the nostalgic guess who, just for good measure.

Approximate cost to the business: £0

Decorate the Office

Turn your office into a spectacle. Need we say more? ⬇️

Throw in a Secret Santa for bonus points! 🎅 or a prize for the best decorated desk!

Approximate cost to the business: Sky’s the limit! £25-£250, depending on how big you want to go!

Take Part in Christmas Jumper Day 🎁

Now, here’s one we all love!

You can sign up here –, donate £2 and change a child’s life this Christmas – this year is extra special too as Christmas Jumper Day celebrates their 10th anniversary ✨

You can easily do this with your team virtually – how? Set up a virtual meeting on Friday, December 10th, ensure your entire team come dressed for the occasion in their finest Christmas jumpers, hop online with a mug of coffee/hot chocolate/something stronger, and a mince pie or your most loved festive treat! You could use this time to wrap up the successes of 2021…

Please do feel free to replicate the above in person too!

This may incur the business fitting the bill for festive refreshments.

Approximate cost to the business: £2 per person who takes part in Christmas Jumper Day + optional extra

Hold a Staff Award Ceremony 🏆

What a fun way to applaud your team, show your gratitude and celebrate the year’s successes! 🏆

It’s proven that the output of staff productivity is improved with recognition – a simple awards ceremony will do just the trick and provide a whole lot of fun. Don’t forget to celebrate the fun side of your employees too 😉

You could make your own digital awards using Photoshop etc or give the winners something to take away; we’ve done a bit of research and we like the look of the options on this site: .

Potential award titles:

  • Provided the funniest moment
  • Calmer of Storms (customer service/hr or member of staff who handled a crisis well)
  • Most uplifting employee
  • Best outside of the box thinking
  • Wardrobe Wizard (best dressed in the office)
  • Best Virtual Blunder
  • Dashing Debut (new starter who stood out)
  • Pinnacle Performer (top performer)

*Larger organisations could have team awards too e.g., Squad Goals / Dream Team / Most Motivated etc

Approximate cost to the business: £3.90 x number of awards

Christmas Movie Day in the Office 🎥

Remember when the last day before Christmas break meant swapping Christmas cards, eating chocolate, and watching Christmas movies in the school hall? Well, this Christmas you can feel that same excitement by treating your employees to a Christmas movie day!

Make it fun by sending the team/office an e-invite! The invite could include the date, time, what to bring e.g., festive food / drink, what to wear e.g., something festive, red, something sparkly. To keep the plethora of Christmas movie options to a minimum you could create a poll which includes some of the all-time classics, most popular pick wins.  🎥 🎄

Approximate cost to the business: £0-£50

Bake Something Festive 🧁

An average of 5.7 million brits tuned into Channel 4’s Bake Off this year, this may not quite be the record 9.2 million viewers 2020 saw but it does suggest that almost 6 million of us are passionate enough about baked goods to commit an hour a week to watching a TV show about it! So, we’re willing to bet a large portion of your office will be more than happy to do a spot of festive home baking and spread seasonal good cheer too! You could even do it bake-off style and give the best voted baked good, or goods (depending on the size of your business) an inexpensive prize. Spread the word amongst staff via emails, discuss it at team meetings, pop a leaflet on the work notice board, share the news on your intranet, or in your company newsletter. You could even suggest employers bring in small change and pay a small fee for the baked good that appeals to them most, all proceeds to go to the charity of your choice. You could do this amongst departments or have an afternoon where everyone is in the office which will also make for a great bonding exercise, especially for those who are 100% remote.

Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s…. basically, all of them (sorry, if we missed your weekly go-to food shop) release a food magazine, often FREE, every Christmas – keep an eye out in late November / early December; you’ll find it full to the brim of unique and delicious sounding festive recipes which are sure to bring happiness to your office, as well as ignite conversation.

Approximate cost to your business: £0

Christmas Karaoke 🎤

It’s International Mariah Carey season, and we all want to hear ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ is belted loudly and out of tune!

Chances are someone in your office is secretly a karaoke fiend who owns a karaoke machine that they are happy to loan to you for this one-off spectacular. You could run a poll in the office to find out if this is the kind of Christmas activity your employees would like to take part in. Once you know numbers you can see if it’s something that could be popular. Throw in some alcohol to help people lose their inhibitions, and we think you’ve got a good night on your hands!

To promote the event politely ask your marketing team to put together a fun flyer that you can circulate around the office.

Approximate cost to your business: £0-£250 (depending on if you want alcohol for the occasion… and depending how much alcohol!)

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