The bottom line: the interviewer is not trying to catch you out.

So, what are they trying to do?

✔️ Check that you are self-aware

✔️ Understand that you can be honest with yourself, and others around you – none of us are perfect!

✔️ Check that you are focused on self-improvement

Bearing all of this in mind, how do you go about turning your weakness into a strength?

Tell the interviewer what they already know

Your weakness may be a lack of experience in a certain area, but equally, demonstrate your willingness to learn and try! Perhaps a skill you’re lacking in, which is required, but not mandatory for the role in question, is already evidently displayed within your CV. If that is the case, you can probably assume the interviewer is already aware of this ‘weakness’ and is trying to unpick if you can see it too.

Please note, read the job description to find out the key skills required for the role, so you know what to avoid! If the job lists organisational skills as an important requirement, then it will probably not look great to state that as your biggest weakness. But at the same time, try to keep your weakness relevant to the role. And make sure you are being honest in your answer.

Use an anecdote

Put your weakness in the context of an anecdote. Give an example of a problem previously caused by your weakness and talk about how you overcame it. Discuss what you learned from the situation, and what you would now do differently, or hope to do differently in the future.

Put a positive spin on your weakness

When thinking about your weakness, try to make a list of the positive aspects of that weakness. And then think about how you could improve your weakness and convey that to the interviewer, in essence, choose a weakness that WLL NOT hinder your chances of getting the job.

Overall, be selective, and prepare in advance! Assume this question will come up, that way it can’t catch you out.

Our top tips for selecting your weakness:

🟣 Make sure the weakness you choose, is a genuine weakness

🟣 Avoid saying your weakness is that you are a ‘perfectionist’. Why? It’s old and boring, tried & tested. Really think outside the box here, in truth nobody wants to hire a perfectionist anyway! If you’re a perfectionist, your interview might be thinking how will this person grow? Will they take criticism well?

🟣 Think about how you’re working on your weakness

🟣 Always consider why you want this job, you want to succeed at it, and you want the interviewer to have no doubt about this too! So, choose a weakness that does not hinder your ability to carry out the responsibilities expected of you!


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