“We all know that work will never be the same, even if we don’t yet know all the ways in which it will be different…” – Stewart Butterfield (October 2020)

As Stewart Butterfield rightly pointed out so much is permanently changed, yet we continue to work towards understanding what the future world of work looks like. And although the world we live in is crazy right now, first impressions still count! This week we’re discussing interviewing online and how to prepare. Pre Covid-19 digital interviews were becoming more common, but now with no other choice, you may find yourself eager to secure an interview but unsure about what to expect. I think we can all agree interviews are daunting at the best of times without having to rely on technology to help get you through, however with a little bit of pre-planning you can confidently head to interview knowing you’re well equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios, and hopefully secure the job!

Here are some of our top virtual interview tips: –

  • Test your equipment before the scheduled interview, ideally at least 24 hours before
  • Ensure you set up in an area that is well lit, but not too bright, and in a quiet spot with a stable internet connection
  • Dress up for the occasion, smart / business casual still applies!
  • Familiarise yourself with the various symbols e.g., mute button, camera off, video off, and screen share
  • Is there a number you can call in case you run into technical difficulties during the virtual interview?
  • If you’re using a laptop or handheld device have it plugged in – this may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised by the number of people whose laptops die during virtual meetings
  • Have a pen and paper handy to make notes as you
  • Prepare before you connect, familiarise yourself
  • Prepare to ask and answer questions as you usually would
  • Be ready and waiting

Take note and get ready, this method of interviewing has been widely accepted as an efficient timesaver, a change that is likely to stay. As a result, many of us may find ourselves attending a virtual interview at some point in our careers – good luck!

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