Can we all agree starting a new job is a little daunting? The first 30 days are likely to whizz by and you might end up rounding off your first-month thinking: what exactly have I achieved or contributed here?

Fortunately, we love a how to guide here at Kameo and this month we’ll be exploring how to impress in your first 30 days.

Below you will find seven simple ways of impressing your employer in the first month…

Be on time:

Being on time showcases an excellent public perception, it confirms your reliability and highlights that you take your job seriously; punctuality is a skill required by all people irrespective of industry or profession. Turning up on time has personal benefits too, when we’re on time our stress levels are lower, and we will feel better prepared to handle whatever the working day has in store for us!

Get involved:

By getting involved and talking to your colleagues you are likely to meet people who share similar interests.  Look for opportunities to showcase your personality e.g. during your lunch break, get involved in the sports or TV talk!

You were hired for your skills and cultural fit too!  You don’t have to wear the ‘newbie’ badge, showcase who you are from the start.

Learn the names of your colleagues:

Getting to know your colleagues on a first name basis may make your new environment feel less alien, as well as enabling you the opportunity to begin forging friendly professional relationships.

Your colleagues will appreciate you taking the time to learn their names, it creates a good impression and suggests you care enough about the team you’re working in to put in the effort of learning their names.

We’re human and occasionally we forget things, one of those things, among learning the ropes of a new role, could be the name of a fellow colleague our top tip; jot the names of co-workers down and if you forget their name DO NOT delay in asking them again!

Be Enthusiastic

An upbeat, can-do attitude will never go down badly with your colleagues, in fact, they’ll probably warm to you quicker! So, wear a smile!

Fully embrace your induction or training period. Bear in mind your manager or colleague will have probably taken the time to put it together, so whilst nobody is expecting you to be an expert at the end of day one, they do want to see that you’re trying to understand and absorbing the knowledge being given to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it is how we grow!

Show that you care about the company, the company values, and the role you are taking on! Try to begin understanding the needs of your team, what are their challenges and how does your role support their needs? Be a team player from the get-go.

Avoid a sick day:

Calling in sick at a new job does not make a good first impression. Obviously, sick days are sometimes necessary, and circumstances are different. So, if this is a genuine concern for you, make sure you are open and honest with your new employer. Always ensure you follow correct procedures when in need of time off. If there is a process to follow, then follow it, don’t just text your boss 5 minutes before you’re meant to be in telling them you’re not going to make it.

Ask for and accept feedback:

When you start a new job, you might not know how you are doing. You might worry that you aren’t meeting expectations, or you might feel uncertain about whether you are doing things in the right way. If in doubt, ask! Your boss will appreciate you asking questions as this will show that you are aiming to do your best and that you care about the results you are producing. You might ask which areas of your work you’re exceeding at, and which areas might need some more work, and how you could go about looking to improve. Speak to your manager and set goals that align with the goals of the organisation. And set out a plan for how best to accomplish these goals.

Soak it all up:

The best way to learn is to just jump right in! Ask questions, shadow your colleagues, take notes, absorb, and replicate. Make sure you clarify anything you are unsure on and observe your colleagues to find out about how they work, so you can see which methods you’d like to adopt.


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