Name 5 countries in Europe, do a Michael Jackson impression, drink a glass of prosecco…. These are all things that you can do in 7 seconds. This is also how long it takes to make a first impression.

How many of these are you thinking about trying…

Making a good first impression is key to setting off on the right foot, hopefully leading you to strong and positive relationships down the road. Your first impression is determined by 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and just 7% from our actual words (apologies to the wafflers🧇) So spend that 7 seconds wisely!

Making a good impression at a Job Interview

Dress to impress

I’m not saying you need to borrow Marilyn Monroe’s dress like Kim Kardashian did, but to make a good first impression, dress for the occasion! Pick something professional, comfortable, and most importantly, something you feel confident in. (I say this is an excuse to order a new outfit 😉)

Come Prepared

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Hit the books and read up on the company you are interviewing for, (pssst you can find interview tips on our website😉) This will enable you to have knowledge ready to ace the questions, as well as giving you confidence, knowing you are fully prepared.

Body Language

Our facial expressions, posture and hand gestures speak when we don’t say anything. Body language is said to account for 55% of that first impression – avoid slouching, crossing your arms or making excessive movements. Make it positive by standing tall, maintaining eye contact (not in a weird way) and putting on your best smile!

Be yourself

There is no amount of designer gear or perfect posture that outweighs the power of being yourself. Be authentic, be enthusiastic, show yourself in the best light – You’ve got this!


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