What a great turnout for Price Bailey’s ‘Inside the Mind of Business Leaders’ last night!

Interesting insights for the Cambridge market which centred around team onboarding and what businesses offer candidates to join them. Many of the respondents suggested that they have limited issues with retaining their team members, but 66% expressed concerns of recruiting the right talent for their business in the first place. Many leaders attract their new staff by offering a good benefits package and the opportunity for employees to have a say on how they work. Interestingly salary was low on the list of attractions, showing that company culture is considered more appealing to candidates than a higher salary.

We learnt that a staggering 77% of respondents are confident that their business will have financial growth over the next year. However, is this the only measure of success? 18% of those in the room said yes, with the rest agreeing that they measure success in other ways; staff wellbeing, team motivation and customer satisfaction to name a few. 

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