In early 2020 we announced that we had officially joined forces with the Domestic Abuse Alliance. To recap, the DA Alliance provides FREE legal support and assistance to victims of domestic abuse. Fast forward eight months and today Sharon Livermore, alongside some well-known names in the UK film and television industry, became an official campaigner of the DA Alliance.

Each individual campaigner has their own story of strength and they are all striving toward a common goal of raising awareness of domestic abuse in our society, by speaking out and continuously being a reminder that abuse is NEVER ok, and that there is NEVER a justifiable excuse to emotionally or physically abuse another.

This is a monumental milestone for Sharon, and there are not enough words to describe what this means to her and all of us at Kameo. As many know Kameo Recruitment was established as a platform to raise awareness of domestic abuse. We are now 27 months into this huge mission, and Sharon has achieved more than she could have ever imagined, and the really incredible part? This is only the beginning.

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