Is it a wonderful world, or a very bizarre world that we live in when we come across the role of Chicken Sexer? I’ll let you decide!

I’ll also let you answer, does this job really exist?

We are a team of passionate, and if I do say so myself talented recruitment consultants who can fill the most curious of job roles! Something we are all equally passionate about it discussing our candidate’s future aspirations, career milestones and prior career highlights. Between us we have 20 years recruitment experience, and, in that time, we have seen an array of jobs advertised which have certainly drawn a smile. But as the saying goes if the shoe fits….  to someone, they’ll be just perfect!

On a more serious note, when we’re living in a world where almost everything is online, to a scammer this is paradise. Scammers use sophisticated techniques which are consistently evolving and ready to take advantage of job seekers. So, how can you validate the authenticity of a job that you see on a job board?

  • Research the job and company elsewhere, via Google or LinkedIn for example.
  • Never pay money. Legitimate employers do not charge to hire you.
  • Check the company’s references because references work both ways. Again, you could turn to LinkedIn for this and check to see if other people are listed as working there?
  • If you are asked to provide your national insurance number, wire money or supply bank details before a job interview decline and cease contact immediately.
  • Receiving a job offer via post? Our recommendation never send any bank details or email them to an unknown email address. Where possible this should always be done face to face, or through a secure and verified digital means.
  • The salary details should be clear but if the potential employer is unwilling to discuss salary or an hourly rate approach with caution.

Without properly validating the position you are applying for you run the risk of exposing your personal details which could lead to identity theft.

At Kameo, we specialise in commercial/office, sales, HR, marketing, IT & engineering, and finance but the range of jobs out there got us thinking about how vast the recruitment sector is! It seems you can make an income doing just about anything so, we’ll leave you with this if you’re tired of your current position and are looking to move on, here are a few of the weird and wonderful positions that we came across…. remember to validate the role before you apply!

Chicken Sexer – It is a real job! In fact, in the farming industry, it’s crucial, and if not carried out correctly, will cut into the farm’s profits resulting in higher priced eggs and chicken. Next time you’re enjoying your eggs for breakfast, spare a thought for the Chicken Sexer!

Master Lego Builder – Wow, this must be a dream job for those people who grew up playing with Lego! This position was recently advertised to work at Birmingham’s Legoland Discovery Centre and is only one of 22 in the world. I would have applied myself but the Lego bumblebee I made with my son didn’t even make it into the Lego magazine!

Golf Ball Diver – I always wondered if the missing golf balls ever got recovered from the lakes – well, the answer is yes! Golf Ball Divers have to be certified, professional divers with training in first aid. They pay the Golf Club for every ball that they recover and then clean and sell them on to Golfers. Not a bad job if you like diving in murky water I guess!

Aeroplane Repossession Specialist – So I had heard of repossessing property and cars but never thought about aeroplanes. It’s not as easy as putting it in the back of a van and driving off, but the advantage is that you can’t hide it easily! Aeroplane Repossession Specialists research, track, repossess, fly and deliver aeroplanes. They are hired by the bank when payments are overdue. Not the ideal job for everyone and the main stipulation is that you can fly a plane!

Chocolate Taster – Oh yes, this must be high on most peoples’ dream job list! Mondelez International, the firm behind Oreo cookies and Cadbury snacks recently had four of these positions on offer. Key responsibilities included being able to taste chocolate and give honest and objective feedback. Along with using clearly defined vocabulary to describe products… you think “yum” would be acceptable?


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