Virgo, it’s your month to shine! ☀️

Does this describe anyone in your business?


Virgo bosses you are true perfectionists, and no one will strive for high standards more than a Virgo! They will check, and re-check their work, and yours! And they will demand this same level of precision from their employees. Tied in with this is their meticulous attention to detail. All of this may make your Virgo Boss come across as critical, as they will notice every mistake and will pull you up on it. But this is simply because they are striving for the highest standard. And they will always help others achieve those standards, due to their generous nature. If you are ever struggling, you know your Virgo Boss will have your back! As an Earth sign, the Virgo is grounded and practical, striving for the most workable solutions, but they are also calm tempered, all in all making them some of the best bosses to be working for! AKA, Kameo Director, Sharon Livermore!

Our Virgo Boss, Sharon

Sharon is a Virgo through and through! So much so we often pull her up in the office for just how meticulous she is! Sharon is all about the detail and will not settle for anything less than perfect. She gives everything 110% and encourages us to do the same, naturally helping us out along the way. It’s got to be said Sharon rarely recharges her batteries, and whilst it’s something she’s working on, it sounds like it’s in her nature to give her all to the things she is passionate about!


Your Virgo employee will overwork themselves to the core, giving their all to every job. They bring an intense drive with them, and just like the Virgo Boss, they will strive to achieve the highest standards. They will be thorough and meticulous in their approach, with a good level of concentration. However, it is hard for them to be happy with their achievements, as they will dwell on the minor faults; and colleagues may feel disheartened by their Virgo colleagues pointing out their flaws. They are sensible, logical, analytic, and focused. It is easy to rely on a Virgo, and their commitment is unwavering. They rarely need help but will be the first to offer help.  All in all, the Virgo makes a great employee, but unfortunately, they may forget to relax at times, as they put all their energy into their work life, forgetting about a work-life balance.

Shout out to all the Virgo bosses and employees out there, you guys sound like a treat to work with 😉








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