Do you have a Libra in your office!? We do! Find out what makes a Libra a great boss or employee…


A Libra boss is the most balanced and fair of bosses, unlikely to take sides or have favourites. A Libra is easy to get along with, ensuring their success in social settings, as they are the first to make everyone feel comfortable, and always seem to know the right thing to say. Your Libra boss is naturally diplomatic and unlikely to ever lose their temper, making for a superb boss. However, if you have an urgent decision to make, don’t ask your Libra boss for help, as they struggle with decision making, and will frequently change their mind. The Libra loves harmony and elegance, so will appreciate their employees to be neutral, in both appearance and temperament.


Your Libra employee is calm and balanced, much like the Libra boss. Cool and collected, they may be naturally good diffusers of disputes, and will easily calm down hot-headed conflicts. Your Libra employee will be best utilised in a social setting, so throw them into a networking event to see them thrive! They are some of the friendliest people around; they are happiest when surrounded by elegance and sophistication and will love a clean workplace with a good view. They despise any mean or petty behaviour from colleagues and will loathe a negative work environment. Make sure you’re never dishonest in the presence of a Libra, and in return, they will be an asset to your team, as the natural peacemaker. But don’t go to them with an emergency, as they are too indecisive to act fast! However, this can be forgiven in the face of the charming presence and calm energy that they will bring to the office!

Our Libra Employee, Kayleigh

We’re lucky enough to have a libra here at Kameo! And we can safely say she brings the Libra air of elegance to the office and is definitely the socialite of the team. She may not be as calm as the classic Libra, but she makes up for that with her charisma and charm!

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