Kameo Recruitment experienced a first this week with our workplace wellbeing event “Beyond the Fruit Basket: Wellbeing in the Workplace”!

In early 2022 it became apparent that the world of work was forever changed; employers were faced with questions and demands from employees like never before. This naturally got Kameo thinking, which resulted in a “if you can’t beat them join them”  approach and #beyondthefruitbasket came to light. The more we researched the clearer it became that people wanted workplace wellbeing but employers didn’t know where to begin. There’s a plethora of information out there but nobody has the time to sit down and sift through it all. As a recruitment agency we are proud of our consultative approach and recognised the opportunity to provide businesses across East Anglia with a morning dedicated to helping them understand the importance of wellbeing in today’s economy alongside the array of small and inexpensive initiatives that are available; sometimes small is all it takes to make a BIG difference to an employee. We consider our wellbeing event an extension of the consultative service we offer; we were delighted by its success and hope to replicate in 2023.







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