This month we’re celebrating Scorpios! Have a read to see if you can recognise any of these classic Scorpio traits in you or your Scorpio colleagues…

♏ The Scorpio Boss:

Your Scorpio Boss will take on any task with an abundance of tenacity and determination and will admire confidence in their employees. Scorpios are naturally reserved and at times hard to read, and unlikely to ever engage in small talk. They are passionate but hide it well behind a cool and collected façade of caution. In other words, your Scorpio Boss will either love or hate you, and you might not be able to figure out which! Especially as your boss may often switch between giving you high praise and sharp critique, such is their unbalanced temperament. The most perceptive of the signs, unreadable as they are, the Scorpio can read you like a book! Don’t try to hide who you are in front of your Scorpio Boss, as they will certainly see right through you. They tend to be possessive, so if you work for a Scorpio, you better be prepared to give them 100% loyalty, or you may experience their fierce vengeance. But if you are honest and driven in the presence of your Scorpio Boss, you will reap the rewards of a dynamic and driven work environment.

♏ The Scorpio Employee:

Your Scorpio Employee knows what they want and knows how to get it. Their determination to complete any given task will prove them to be a valuable member of the team. And they know it! Scorpios are very self-aware and so very aware of their strengths and weaknesses. And this awareness extends to others, so they will be equally aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues. The Scorpio Employee is power-hungry, and will often make it to the top, working hard along the way, doing anything they can to get there. Scorpios have a flair for revenge, so be sure not to mistreat them, as forgiveness is not something they’ll consider. Relationships are not their priority, so don’t take it personally if your Scorpio colleague doesn’t want to spend more time with you than necessary.  Nonetheless, the sharp mind and power-drive of the Scorpio will make you want them on your team!

♏ Scorpio traits:

🟢 Determination

🟢 Ambition

🟢 Jealousy

🟢 Courage

🟢 Loyalty

🟢 Honesty


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