The story behind the photo…

Meet Esther and Ash, two lovely candidates who took Sharon out for dinner, to say thank you  😊

Sharon met Esther back in April, when she was looking to transition from hospitality into an office based position. They met for coffee and Sharon instantly saw her potential and warm nature. A position of Marketing & Operations Executive came up with one of our clients and although Esther didn’t have direct experience, her skills were highly transferable, she was extremely willing to learn and was a fantastic cultural fit for them. Fortunately, our client trusted Sharon’s judgement and Esther was soon invited to interview, where she impressed them as much as she did Sharon and was offered the position, which she started in June.

Ash, Esther’s partner reached out to Sharon in October, as he was looking to also transition from the leisure/hospitality sector, but more importantly be able to relocate from London to live in Cambridge with Esther. Again, it was obvious the potential that Ash had and although his skills hadn’t been gained within an office, they were also highly transferable. Another of our clients was looking for an Office Coordinator and Sharon assured them that he would be fantastic in the position and fit within the culture. Again, they trusted Sharon and agreed to interview Ash, where he excelled and was offered the position, which he will be starting on the 16th of December.

Sharon enjoy’s working with all of her candidates but knowing that she has been able to not only find these two new positions within new sectors, but she has given them the opportunity to build a life together in Cambridge makes her SO happy. Sharon told them she has a hat ready for the wedding! 😊

Sharon does her job because she genuinely enjoys helping others, but the fact they took her out for dinner, which she said was not only delicious but amazing fun and a really lovely and kind gesture. Sharon has made two friends and not two candidates now!

Esther’s Testimonial, which Ash says he seconds 😊

“I first approached Sharon with the intention of changing career paths, knowing how difficult it is to transition from one field to another. I was initially really nervous about the whole process, however, I had no need to be as Sharon was beyond SPECTACULAR!  Sharon constantly went above and beyond to help me in so many ways – even as far as driving me to an interview. Sharon was extremely pro-active in finding potential roles that she thought would suit me, as well as keeping me constantly updated.  The level of passion and professionalism I experienced while being a candidate of Kameo Recruitment deserves more than 5 stars.”


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