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We’re all going on a summer holiday…. 🎵

But what about when the holiday ends?! Does anyone else spend the last few days of their holiday thinking about emails, the workload they’re coming back to or that meeting you scheduled before you went away but now wish you hadn’t?! 👋 Essentially, the “Sunday Night Blues” on steroids, sound familiar?

Well, don’t fear this is not necessarily a sign that you’ve fallen out of love with your job; although it could be that too, you can LOVE your job and still feel a huge sense of overwhelm at the prospect of going back to work after a week or two off.

Fortunately, I love my job, but it still takes me a day or two to settle back into the swing of things so here are my top tips on overcoming those annual leave blues….


The night before the first day back go through your bag, chances a re you threw it in a corner the day your leave began, and you haven’t looked in it since. Now is a good time to sift through the bag, remove anything you no longer need and place everything in neatly. Honestly, a de-cluttered bag does wonders for your mental health!

If you work remotely, consider the state of your desk space?! Did it get a thorough once over before your leave began, if not schedule some time to de-clutter your workspace; get your laptop, charger and any other working day equipment you may need set up the night before.


Know you’re unlikely to complete a week or twos worth of work in your first 8 hours back, so, prioritise what is important. Make a list of 3 or 4 things you MUST do, once those are done continue to work your through the list; on that note create a list, seriously, it’s a miracle worker and a great way of off-loading the cluster in your brain.


This one might be a little moot if those meetings are already booked in, sorry! But worth bearing in mind for next time.

External meetings, consider this: is it vital? What are the repercussions if this meeting is pushed back by a day or so? Will my business be impacted if this meeting is not held immediately on my return?

If none of the above break your business, or off-set you as an employee who doesn’t care, I highly encourage you to get your feet under the table before you go full-steam ahead with external meetings. An external meeting often comes with an encumberment of additional “to-dos” which may lead to workplace overwhelm and more important tasks falling to the wayside.


Before you leave, or when you return, block out a chunk of time to tackle your inbox. Mark yourself as offline / in a meeting and get to work deleting, filing, responding etc… thank me later 😉


I often feel guilty about leaving a handover or passing on unfinished business to a colleague, I worry that something might come up and the answer may not be obvious! But what goes around comes around, and I hope like me you work in a collaborative culture where you support each other through the expected and unexpected.

Plan a meeting at some point in your first morning so your colleague or colleagues can hand back and update you; don’t take offence if they breathe an audible sigh of relief as they do so!

Top tip: leave a solid handover, and plan for every eventuality you can think of! 💡 As one of my colleagues often says “well, they’ve left me with war & peace”

P.S watch this space on how to leave a handover blog post 😉


Rome wasn’t built in a day; come Friday you’ll be saying “what annual leave”, so take comfort in this and know the first week back may not be the most productive week of your life but you returned, and you’re getting through and you’re acting!

Finally, think ahead, before you return to work write down or mentally recap all the things you LOVE about your job and the responsibilities within your role! This will help you focus and get ready for the week ahead.


Sharon & Kayleigh attended the Ukrainian jobs fair, hosted by the Cambridge Job Centre, on Wednesday 27th of July; it was an eye-opening event and an incredible opportunity to help the people of Ukraine find work that they are passionate about. It inspired a mission: to get as many of the talented professionals met with into a role which is the same, or similar to, the role they were in in Ukraine. The Kameo Recruitment team will be utilising their existing network to do this, wish us luck!

Kameo Recruitment experienced a first this week with our workplace wellbeing event “Beyond the Fruit Basket: Wellbeing in the Workplace”!

In early 2022 it became apparent that the world of work was forever changed; employers were faced with questions and demands from employees like never before. This naturally got Kameo thinking, which resulted in a “if you can’t beat them join them”  approach and #beyondthefruitbasket came to light. The more we researched the clearer it became that people wanted workplace wellbeing but employers didn’t know where to begin. There’s a plethora of information out there but nobody has the time to sit down and sift through it all. As a recruitment agency we are proud of our consultative approach and recognised the opportunity to provide businesses across East Anglia with a morning dedicated to helping them understand the importance of wellbeing in today’s economy alongside the array of small and inexpensive initiatives that are available; sometimes small is all it takes to make a BIG difference to an employee. We consider our wellbeing event an extension of the consultative service we offer; we were delighted by its success and hope to replicate in 2023.


It was all “run & games” for Team Kameo this weekend; as we took on the world’s largest inflatable 5k run 🏃‍♀️

It was a fantastic event, loved by all, and was a great opportunity for the team to meet up, often working together to get through the obstacles!

And better still, we raised just shy of £350 for Cambridge Women’s Aid! 🏆

Congratulations to the glue of our business, Lucy, on receiving the quarterly Director’s Award for Q2.

You’re commitment to the business and natural collaborative nature make you a joy to work with!

We look forward to seeing Lucy’s success throughout the second half of the year 💪⭐

Last week Form the Future hosted its first summer party since Summer 2019, and what an evening it was! Form the Future have had an incredible 2021/2022 academic year and we know 2022/2023 will bring them further success.

To us, volunteering with Form the Future is embedded into our business model; we have an abundance of information and skills at our fingertips and we consider it a privilege to witness first-hand the difference sharing this knowledge makes to tomorrow’s workforce.


Go out and do it! A little motto Sharon lives by; she never shies away from facing up to her fears. Why? She came close to losing her life, and when you’re that close to the end they say you come back differently, and in Sharon’s case, it’s so true.

Yesterday, Sharon boarded a train for the Big Smoke, where she successfully presented to Goldman Sachs: a multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York City.  Sharon shared her story of survival, Sharon’s Policy and the signs employees should be aware of. Goldman Sachs already has some fantastic initiatives in place, so it was a real honour to share the work Sharon and the Kameo Recruitment team have done and will continue to do.

It is crucially important that we are all aware that domestic abuse does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone irrespective of class, status, ethnicity or gender.


It’s not everyday that Sharon gets the opportunity to present to Starbucks! 🙌 ☕

Sharon was honoured to speak alongside Lucy Horitz from Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse, where she shared her story and emphasised the importance of businesses taking a stand against domestic abuse and having a policy in place, in order to support their employee’s. The work that Starbucks is doing is fantastic!

If you would like to find out more about Sharon’s FREE template Domestic Abuse Policy, please click here:

(Policy is downloadable at the bottom of the page)

Alternatively, do get in touch with Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse and find out more about becoming a FREE member.


The football season drew to a close this weekend, and with it comes a mix of emotions for all!

Sharon and Kayleigh had a wonderful morning supporting the Bar Hill youth football team on Saturday morning, we were this season’s sponsor and it was a genuine pleasure to be present for this final match of the season.

The boys displayed determination, resilience and a huge amount of confidence! They had some pretty epic football moves too ⚽

Sadly, the boys didn’t win this weekend, but the more you lose the stronger the determination to win, and we know these boys will be back with their winning spirit next season 💪


On Tuesday Morning Sharon presented her domestic abuse presentation to Annapurna Recruitment: a global recruitment company.

It’s rare to see the recruitment industry joins forces, but this week they did, and this collaboration demonstrates the humanness of both businesses. Kameo offers something unique in our domestic abuse presentation, and we applaud Annapurna for putting their employees first by taking advantage of this unique offering. Annapurna have approximately 123 employees, and are adopting Sharon’s Policy with immediate effect. Consider this: If 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be affected by domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime, how many lives have Annapurna changed and saved because they took a leap, adopted a domestic abuse policy and recognise that what happens at home is not personal business, it is everyone’s business?

What did Annapurna have to say? 

Since joining EIDA and reaching out to Sharon, she has been incredibly supportive in helping Annapurna implement a policy for domestic abuse. Sharon delivered a company-wide education session that raised awareness amongst our team and taught us how to be more supportive as an employer. Since then we have adopted ‘Sharon’s policy’ and taken her advice on how to maintain a supportive working environment. Sharon is a knowledgeable and compassionate professional – her help even more valuable as a fellow recruiter!

Emma Duncan – HR Manager – Annapurna Recruitment