CybSafe Affiliate

Who are they?

CybSafe is a next generation software and training platform which aims to improve the cyber security behaviour and attitudes of people, as a CybSafe partner you will be given the data you need to measure and report on impact and also ensure the people within your business are able to spot a cyberattack ahead of time.

CybSafe have a huge presence globally but they want to start specifically focusing on smaller enterprises, if that is you Kameo are here to help. To begin understanding the remarkable value CybSafe can add to your small enterprise, click here.

“In becoming a CybSafe customer, you become part of a community. A community of professionals focused only on managing human cyber risk better”.

What does this have to do with recruitment?

Very little – but it does have a lot to do with trust! As a CybSafe partner you can trust that we take the protection of your data very seriously, we understand that often humans are at fault when there is a security breach and the Kameo Team are trained to identify a threat before it becomes a problem. Better still, after the completion of initial training CybSafe consistently keep us on our toes, keep us thinking and keep the training coming with useful tips, industry knowledge and advice sent to us on a regular basis.

To Kameo this affiliation is an extension of the service we can offer you, not only do we take the protection of your data seriously, but we also want you to offer your clients and customers the same. Already trusted by the NHS, HM Government, Financial Conduct Authority, Air Canada & John Lewis & Partnership to a name a few, CybSafe have a unique software that we would love to help you better understand and utilise to your full advantage too.

This sounds expensive!

We thought so too but for less than £15 per license, per year you can ensure all your staff are adequately trained to spot and report a cyber-attack.

Can you put a cost on potentially saving your business? If you work for a small business or you are a small business owner this tool could be crucial to you, it also has a unique place in the market which gives you a significant advantage and additional selling point over your competitors.

This sounds too technical for me

Team Kameo are not the most technically minded individuals, but this product is simple to follow, easy to understand and there are regular webinars you can take part in to help your continued understanding and a person you can go to clarify any uncertainties! For the safety and continued success of our business this felt like a no brainer to us.

Where do we go from here?

If you are a small business owner or work for a small business we would love to talk to you about CybSafe, share what we know and then let you decide for yourself!

With so many of us working from home right now, it really is the best time to get this underway your future self will be grateful to you for taking it seriously.

For further information please contact Kameo on / 01223 607670.

Where one of our team will be happy to give you a better understanding of how straightforward and crucially important this software is to your business.

Get in touch with us today to find your next recruit!