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How to get back into the swing of work after annual leave

We’re all going on a summer holiday…. 🎵 But what […]

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Q2 Market Insights 💡

Kameo’s Q2 Marketing Insights are here! This time, we wanted […]

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Form the Future Summer Party ’22

Last week Form the Future hosted its first summer party […]

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The Ukrainian Jobs Fair

Sharon & Kayleigh attended the Ukrainian jobs fair, hosted by […]

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How to host a successful work experience 💼

In June 2022 we provided a Cambridgeshire secondary school student […]

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Kameo takes on a 5k inflatable run! 🏃‍♀️

It was all “run & games” for Team Kameo this […]

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Winning the Director’s Award! 🏆

Congratulations to the glue of our business, Lucy, on receiving […]

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Beyond the Fruit Basket: Wellbeing in the Workplace

Kameo Recruitment experienced a first this week with our workplace […]

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Presenting in the big league!

Go out and do it! A little motto Sharon lives […]

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Sharon Presenting to Starbucks!

It’s not everyday that Sharon gets the opportunity to present […]

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Football Saturdays! ⚽

The football season drew to a close this weekend, and […]

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Recruitment Collaboration for the Greater Good! 💪

On Tuesday Morning Sharon presented her domestic abuse presentation to […]

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Happy 4th Birthday, Kameo 🎉

Kameo has officially taken four trips around the sun ☀️ […]

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Course Complete! ✅

Lucy is Kameo’s keen learner. Dedicated to bettering herself and […]

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New Regional Office 🏢

Kameo Recruitment has officially opened their first regional branch in […]

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Q1 Market Insights 💡

Introducing Kameo’s Q1 Marketing Insights! We went on a mission […]

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The Trustworthy Taurus 🐂

The grounded, measured Taurus is sure to be a solid […]

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5 Top Tips for Combatting Stress and Thriving in the Workplace

Constantly feeling worried, angry, irritable, tearful, unmotivated or unfocused, really […]

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Egg Hunt Success 🥚

Last week we sent Sharon & Claudine on an egg […]

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The Fiery Aries; Bold, Brave, a Born Leader!

The headstrong, lively Aries will keep you on your toes. […]

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How to Celebrate the First Day of Spring 🌼

It’s official, Spring has sprung – hooray! Days are longer, […]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day 💪 Did you […]

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How to combat the competitive salary culture

We’ve all seen it “salary on offer: competitive” – does […]

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National Grammar Day 📝

It was Lucys first day in her new job today […]

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